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Debut OMJO gig at a sold out Symphony Hall stage (Birmingham) February 2022

Emotion, narrative and honesty have always been key elements that make Olivia Murphy’s music so personal and unique. Her compositions are unravelling stories inspired by both her lived history and imagined fantasies and she has found jazz orchestra - the fusing of through-written material on a large scale and improvisation - the most effective way for these tales to be told. Murphy conducts this large ensemble made up of 20 of the most exciting emerging improvisers and musicians from both the London and Birmingham creative music scenes - two cities that have been integral to her musical development so far. The orchestra’s debut gig was on a sold-out Birmingham Symphony Hall Stage, funded by the Peter Whittingham Jazz Award, and four tracks from the recorded concert were released in late 2022 as part of their EP “Somewhere, Not So Far Away”. 

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Olivia Murphy Jazz Orchestra
Awarded the Help Musicians Peter Whittingham Development Award 2021
"Olivia is a very creative composer whose music is wide-ranging yet always personal...each new project will have a fresh edge and I look forward to hearing her future work" Django Bates

Debut Jazz Orchestra EP out NOW

Watch live videos here

"I was most impressed by the performance of the Olivia Murphy Jazz Orchestra at Symphony Hall.  It was the quality of Olivia Murphy's compositions for the band that was the most impressive, followed by the standard of musicianship in the band she had put together" Tony Dudley-Evans, B:Music
Olivia Murphy won the Help Musicians' Peter Whittingham Award to establish a jazz orchestra under her own name. The award allowed their debut performance at Birmingham's Symphony Hall to be recorded & filmed. 
"Forming the Olivia Murphy Jazz Orchestra is not just about having a large ensemble under my own name and playing my compositions - it is also about having a big band that resembles the new generation of jazz musicians & is a positive and true representation of the younger UK jazz scene." Olivia Murphy
"Somewhere, Not So Far Away" is the debut EP of the Olivia Murphy Jazz Orchestra, featuring four recordings from the performance at Symphony Hall and is available now
Ellie Koepke Photography
Olivia Murphy Jazz Orchestra
Ellie Koepke Photography


EP/ Press photography by Ellie Koepke

Live photography by Gareth Howell

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