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Olivia Murphy - Woodwinds
Becca Wilkins - Vocals
Olly Chalk - Piano
Moonrise - Out Now
The second EP recorded by Murphy/Wilkins/Chalk is released on Lyte Records. The EP was funded by PRSF through the Jazzlife Alliance Young Composer Award which Olivia won in 2021.
Moonrise is a collection of songs which ventures into a fantastical dreamworld of one night’s sleep. When this world becomes hazed in the daylight, sometimes we find ourselves pining to remember the imagined people and places that have become lost within reality.
all music available on bandcamp here
"Tomorrow Songs" - the trio's first EP. Recorded at home in isolation during the 2020 lockdown, the EP was commissioned by Tony Dudley Evans, Stoney Lane Records and Around The Houses Festival.
watch the original commission here


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